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After the Blog Tour is over!

STONE_FALL_3x4Yes, I’m back to normal after last week’s huge Book Blast for Stone Fall hosted by The Killion Group Inc. It was fun but exhausting. And a big shout-out to their PR Danica Sorber. She’s fantastic.

Thanks Fresh Fiction; Archaeolibrarian–I Dig Good Books!; Jen’s Reading Obsession; HEA Romances with a Little Kick; Hart’s Romance Pulse; Yah Gotta Read This; United Indie Book Blog; OMGReads; Nicole’s Book Musings; T&L Book Reviews; BookSkater; Happily Ever Chapter; A British Bookworm’s Blog; EskieMama Reads; Brooke Blogs; Xtreme Delusions; The Book Quarry; Evermore Books; Romancing the Readers; Underneath the Covers and Charmed Reflections. These sites were so great to have me on. See why I’m so tired? That’s a lot of sites but Danica made it easy.

The reason I decided to go this route was discoverability. I’m writing away, almost finished on my 5th book, with books 6 and 7 pulling up to the final rail… and plotting all finished on book 8. But few out there in reader land know my name. Perhaps now they do.

I hear all the time this phrase ‘I’m not writing to sell books, I’m writing for myself (or my children) (or my family).’ Well, yes there’s that. But I’m writing so that all the stories that have been bouncing in my brain since I was a little girl don’t die with me before they get a chance to fly. If fame and money don’t find me, at least perhaps my stories will find a place in someone’s heart. And isn’t that a little like living forever?

I remember the first time one of my monographs found its way into print how proud I was. And when my Masters Thesis joined the other tomes of graduates in the library on the campus of The University of Texas at Austin (PCL) how I thought I was a star. This whole publishing thing is pretty heady. But really, who’s actually going to pick up “The Archaeology of 41NU11, the Kirchmeyer Site, Nueces County, Texas : long-term utilization of a coastal clay dune.” But it’s there for posterity if any of you want to read it. I’ve been told it’s a classic!

Now I have four novels forever residing in the bowels of Amazon: Stone Bay, Stone Cold, Stone Heart, and the latest Stone Fall. Heady indeed.

So thanks to all the blog sites and to The Killion Group, Inc. and Danica Sorber. You can’t know how much I appreciate your work on my behalf.

My first two days on a Virtual Blog Tour

MinEdwards_TourBadgeWow, thank goodness for The Killion Group!  I would never have been able to do this without them and their fantastic PR person, Danica.

The first day had a couple of glitches but by day 2, everything was running smoothly. And if you don’t know what a Virtual Blog Tour is… the preparation is grueling but Danica eased the way. Every day four or five… or more blogs agree to either highlight my current book… STONE FALL, Book Three in High Tide Suspense ser

ies… or ask me to do a guest blog. If I’m blogging, then sometimes I get a choice of topics, or am assigned a topic then try to wrangle my thoughts into a 300 to 700 word entry. For this campaign I had 26 blogs to visit, 4-6 per day, but thank goodness only 5 guest blogs to write.

Day 1: I visited with Archaeolibrarian — I Dig Good Books; Jen’s Reading Obsession; and HEA Romances with a Little Kick; all fun sites and I thank them enormously for having me.

Day 2: Fresh Fiction ( showcased me; Hart’s Romance Pulse; Yah Gotta Read This; United Indie Book Blog; and OMGReads. All fabulous blogs and again thanks so much for having me.

Now the reason for this particular Virtual Blog Tour is this. I have 4 novels published now, but my name is not a household item yet. Far from it actually. No one knows me. So by participating in a Blog Tour, it gets my name (and book) out to thousands of readers who follow these blogs and maybe… just maybe… I’ll be discovered. It’s the hope anyway.

At the end of the week, I’ll tell you how Days 3-5 went. Then in March STONE FALL will appear on NetGalley, a site for librarians, bookstores, reviewers and others. When I  had my bookstore, A Thirsty Mind Words and Wines, I haunted this site, getting review copies of books I thought looked interesting and then writing a short snippet about them. I can’t wait to see the response to STONE FALL!

So until weeks end, I’ll say adios!