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Newsletters, Blogs, Tweets, Facebook Pages… Oh, My!

Bay-672x372I’ve been taking webinars lately from Social Media gurus… most free, thank goodness! But I’m so confused. My Constant Contact Newsletter people had a fantastic webinar yesterday about the things you could do with your social media that most people aren’t doing. Even the Big Publishers who you think have little minions behind the scenes making sure your books are… and this is the word you want to remember… Discoverable… aren’t doing these things. Sigh! if you’re self-published, then all this stuff is on your shoulders which is probably a good thing, because who takes care of you better than yourself?

Did you know about Facebook–Open Graphs? Or Twitter cards? Rich Pins on Pinterest? Google+ Schemas? Facebook Groups? Hummingbird? Infographics? Podcasts? YouTube? Well, of course you know about some of these, but did you know as an author you can participate in all of them to your great advantage?

It takes a lot of work, but lucky me (and some of my author friends) I have a virtual assistant who researches these and can read HTML code! Now we just have to find the time to implement them. I’m really excited right now to start a Facebook Group with several of my friends helping me moderate. And a YouTube video (I’ll be narrating but you won’t see my face, thank goodness)… as well as something from with images from one of my books, maybe Precious Stone which takes place near the Caves of Lascaux in France.

Anyway, to do it all is mind-boggling. But I’m going to give it a try!

Where are some of the places where you’re showcasing your books?

Social Media

SummerLane-672x372So, are any of you completely ‘bumfuzzled’ as my character, Amanda Warner, would say about Goodreads? I think I have Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest beaten into submission, but Goodreads, now that’s a different story.

I’ve used Goodreads as my actual self, Pam Headrick, but I’m ashamed to say, not much. As a former bookstore owner, I should have been on the site touting books, giving reviews, talking to other readers. What can I say, life and work got in the way.

As an author, though, Goodreads needs to be my friend. My virtual assistant, Jon Stence, did most of the groundwork for my Author Page, but I needed to add a bio, things I like to do, you know personal stuff. However, Goodreads isn’t cooperating in the least. I’ve added a really nice, well-thought-out bio several times now, and it’s not showing up at all. And yes, I remembered to ‘save’ it. But the ‘edit my profile’ feature seems to get me back to a blank profile, no bio, actually no nothing. I know I’ve edited this profile at least twice. What’s the deal, Goodreads? You’re supposed to be my friend! I want to start doing things for my readers, quizes, give-a-ways, excerpts of new books. I’m ready now.

Well, I’ve spent all the time I can today on this… probably I should give the task to my poor overworked virtual assistant. Stone Heart needs to be tweaked, those point of view changes need to be kicked into shape, I need to find a background image as well as a sexy couple image for the cover. Hmmm, maybe just a hunky guy for this one. Sorry, Goodreads, I’ll have to get back to you another time.

My Working Life

2in96dpiMy working life as Min Edwards has been going along quite well for a while now. My debut novel, Stone Bay, was published at Amazon in mid-March, and in a week or so, the print version will be available at as well…. and in AmazonEurope and AmazonBritain! This is so exciting. We’re (A Thirsty Mind, my publisher) starting a campaign of cross-promotion soon with several other authors which will be fun.  Now I have more admiration for publishers… if they’re doing what we’re doing… they have a hard job indeed.

Just yesterday I sent the first book in my new High Tides Suspense series (romantic suspense, of course), Stone Cold, off to my developmental editor. And in the next few days I’ll be polishing up the second book in the series, Stone Heart.

Beginning on April 1st, I’ll be going off to “Camp”, actually virtual camp with NaNoWriMo organization. This year we’re divided into genres, so my cabinmates will all be writing romance of some kind. My book, Precious Stone, Book III in the High Tides Suspense Series, hopefully will have at least 50,000 words by the end of the month… that’s the goal. I’ve done it before, I can do it again!

So that’s my life as of today, March 28, 2015. Actually thinking back a few years when I first moved to my bucolic village on the edge of America, I never imagined that life would take this turn. But I’m certainly glad it did. And I hope ya’ll are, too.