Stone Fall, Book 3 in the High Tide Suspense series

I’m going to give you a peek at my up-coming book, Stone Fall. I think it’s going well. This is from Chapter 1… or maybe Chapter 2. Hey, it’s a Work in Progress (WIP) so nothing is written in stone.  Enjoy!

* * *

Back at the station, Nick calmly, or as calmly as he was able, led Al and the boy-criminals back to the empty office which they used as an interrogation room. Of course, there was rarely the opportunity to interrogate anyone, maybe four times in the last three years if his memory was correct. But anyway there were chairs and a table in the room and a lock on the door.

“Al, take the cuffs off them, please. Boys sit down.”

As soon as Al removed the plastic cuffs the boys bolted for the door, but Nick was faster.

“Hold on there, you little shits. Sit down. Now,” he bellowed.

They sat.

“Okay. So what’s the story? What were you doing behind Mrs. Carmody’s house? You first,” he said and pointed to the skinny kid. “Tim, isn’t it? Doesn’t your mother work at the market?”

Just the mention of the boy’s mother had him blushing and slumping. He mumbled, “Yes… sir.”

Smart kid, Nick thought. “So, you want to answer the question?”

“Which one?” The kid actually looked confused.

“Why were you behind Mrs. Carmody’s house?” Nick growled. The kid sat up a bit straighter and a little fear flashed across his face. Good, Nick thought. Maybe this won’t take all day.

“Um, nothin’?” the kid muttered.

“Nothin’, huh. Are you sure? You don’t seem sure.” Now Nick was getting a little angry, and of course Al seemed to be sleeping, his chair leaning back a bit against the wall. Why hadn’t he stayed in the military? Really, this town was going to be the death of him. Could someone actually die of frustration? Because he was fast getting there.

At that moment, the other kid, Jerry Scofield, if he remembered correctly, piped up. “We were going to throw mud on her laundry. She always hangs her laundry on the line on Wednesday morning. We see it every Wednesday. It was Tim’s idea,” he said, pointing at his partner in crime.

“Did you do it? Throw the mud? And why aren’t you two in school?”

“No, I saw the cruiser drive up and heard Mrs. Carmody yell, so we ran.”

“I see. And my other question? School?” This was like pulling teeth.

“School?” Jerry seemed a bit confused by this. Tim seemed to be taking a nap.

“Aren’t you two in school?” Nick was almost there, almost to the point of violence.

“Oh, yeah. Well, we got suspended yesterday.”

“For what?” Heaven help me. I’m going to suspend them both—from the ceiling—in a minute.

“Um,” Jerry muttered, looking to his pal for help, but Tim was still sleeping.

“Spit it out.”

“Um, uh, throwing mud at the girls’ pep squad.”

Jesus help me. Nick rubbed his forehead, the nape of his neck, the top of his head. All were pounding now. In fact, if he didn’t get these kids out of the room in ten seconds, his head would explode and instead of mud flung around the room, it would be brain matter. He bet that would thrill these two morons.

“Al,” he yelled which caused Al to jerk and the chair to tip over, Al falling to the side, adding a truly slap-stick side-bar to this incredibly stupid conversation. Of course the boys laughed.

“Shut up.” Nick growled which did indeed shut them up. “Al, drive the boys home. Jerry, is your mother home?”

“No… sir?”

“Where is she?” I’m gonna kill him in less than fifteen seconds, I swear.

“She works at the Quick Mart.”

“What!” How could this moment be any more farcical? “You mean your mother was in the store while you were going to mud Mrs. Carmody’s laundry right across the street?”

“I guess.”

“How did you get to the Quick Mart?”

“Um, my mom drove us.”

Get a gun. “Al, drive them to the market. I’ll call Tim’s mom. She can decide what to do with them. And don’t think you’re off the hook, Jerry. I’m callin’ your mom too.”

A few minutes later, Nick was back at his desk. The moms called—angry as hell. The boys wouldn’t be mudding anyone or anything for a long while, he was sure.

A soft knock on the door, and Nora, one of the dispatchers stuck her head in the office.

“Sheriff, did Tim and Jerry give you a hard time?”

“Oh, that’s funny… I didn’t think of them like that. You’re right, one skinny and one chubby… Tom and Jerry. Thanks.” Nick leaned back laughing like a loon.

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