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I’m starting a new series… yes, I know. I should finish the current series first. Well, I’m working on that. But I finished (or thought I had) a Romance/Adventure/Archaeological Thriller in my new series, TARE… Talon Archaeological Research and Exploration. When I sent it off to my critique partner for her suggestions, I loved her comments so much that after thinking it over for a while, I invited her to co-author the book. The Ruby Eye. We decided that we would be happier if it wasn’t a Romance in the literal sense. Oh it has sexual tension, but no sex on the beach (ouchy… that’s no fun, believe me) and the happily ever after isn’t a given, although there is a hope.

This is where we are now, or where she is. I’m not looking at it again until she’s finished her edits. And as we’ve gone along, talking or emailing every day for the last couple of weeks, we’ve discovered that co-authoring isn’t easy. One story is in my head, one in hers. But I’m confident we’ll get them to mesh eventually.

Another problem we’re having is our work timeline. I have too many books in progress, too many deadlines even if they are self-imposed.  And my co-author has other issues.

But I guess the biggest problem is that we’re taking time to suggest to each other new plots for other books (and for me it’s not only new books in the TARE series, but in two other series that I’m working on. Can you say ‘focus’?)

So stay tuned. I want to bring ya’ll along on this new journey. It should be an interesting one.

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