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Social Media

SummerLane-672x372So, are any of you completely ‘bumfuzzled’ as my character, Amanda Warner, would say about Goodreads? I think I have Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest beaten into submission, but Goodreads, now that’s a different story.

I’ve used Goodreads as my actual self, Pam Headrick, but I’m ashamed to say, not much. As a former bookstore owner, I should have been on the site touting books, giving reviews, talking to other readers. What can I say, life and work got in the way.

As an author, though, Goodreads needs to be my friend. My virtual assistant, Jon Stence, did most of the groundwork for my Author Page, but I needed to add a bio, things I like to do, you know personal stuff. However, Goodreads isn’t cooperating in the least. I’ve added a really nice, well-thought-out bio several times now, and it’s not showing up at all. And yes, I remembered to ‘save’ it. But the ‘edit my profile’ feature seems to get me back to a blank profile, no bio, actually no nothing. I know I’ve edited this profile at least twice. What’s the deal, Goodreads? You’re supposed to be my friend! I want to start doing things for my readers, quizes, give-a-ways, excerpts of new books. I’m ready now.

Well, I’ve spent all the time I can today on this… probably I should give the task to my poor overworked virtual assistant. Stone Heart needs to be tweaked, those point of view changes need to be kicked into shape, I need to find a background image as well as a sexy couple image for the cover. Hmmm, maybe just a hunky guy for this one. Sorry, Goodreads, I’ll have to get back to you another time.