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Newsletters, Blogs, Tweets, Facebook Pages… Oh, My!

Bay-672x372I’ve been taking webinars lately from Social Media gurus… most free, thank goodness! But I’m so confused. My Constant Contact Newsletter people had a fantastic webinar yesterday about the things you could do with your social media that most people aren’t doing. Even the Big Publishers who you think have little minions behind the scenes making sure your books are… and this is the word you want to remember… Discoverable… aren’t doing these things. Sigh! if you’re self-published, then all this stuff is on your shoulders which is probably a good thing, because who takes care of you better than yourself?

Did you know about Facebook–Open Graphs? Or Twitter cards? Rich Pins on Pinterest? Google+ Schemas? Facebook Groups? Hummingbird? Slideshow.net? Infographics? Podcasts? YouTube? Well, of course you know about some of these, but did you know as an author you can participate in all of them to your great advantage?

It takes a lot of work, but lucky me (and some of my author friends) I have a virtual assistant who researches these and can read HTML code! Now we just have to find the time to implement them. I’m really excited right now to start a Facebook Group with several of my friends helping me moderate. And a YouTube video (I’ll be narrating but you won’t see my face, thank goodness)… as well as something from Slideshow.net with images from one of my books, maybe Precious Stone which takes place near the Caves of Lascaux in France.

Anyway, to do it all is mind-boggling. But I’m going to give it a try!

Where are some of the places where you’re showcasing your books?